A message from James


My brother and I are almost one! My Mom and Dad are having a party for us on October 18. Our official birthdate is October 26.
But we are celebrating before my Daddy goes to the United States for three weeks.

See how much we've changed since we came to live with our Mom and Dad? We feel very blessed.

I am walking now! All by myself! And I love to 'talk'. I know what I'm saying but my ate's, kuya, and parents don't always understand what I'm saying!!!! Oh well, it's fun to see them imitate me and smile!

I clap my hands when I do something I'm proud of!

Yesterday I even clapped my hands for my brother, Jerard. (Mom calls him 'Jon-Jon'!) He rolled over all by himself. He's doing that quite a bit now.

Thanks for all your prayers!!!!!