4th Grade Field Trip

Kirsten's 4th grade class went to the Mindanao Philippine Culture Center yesterday. I was blessed with the opportunity to go along.

This is a rice thresher. The rice is put on the platform and stomped on by feet. The rice falls to the mat below.

Up on the rice thresher. It felt wobbly but fun!

In a rice storage hut.

The cultural center put on a show of traditional music and dance. It was beautiful to watch them perform on the instruments and dance in their beautifully woven outfits.


Traditional dance

Kirsten and her classmates had the opportunity to play the traditional instruments.

Good use of the logs!

Playing on a traditional family hammock outside the hut

House on a hillside. The 'steps' are thick logs notched out to climb up to the house on.

There were several examples of huts in the cultural center village. Some of the huts are very small, maybe 6'x8'. Cooking is done in these bamboo huts by lighting a fire in a box filled with sand.

The cooking box.

Example of a chief's hut. The chief's hut tends to be bigger than the others in the village.

Hut by the river.

Our guide, language teacher, Philippine culture teacher at Faith academy and good friend, Ate Bebe! She came with the 4th graders to explain more about what they were seeing and to answer questions.