2014 Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy New year from us to you!

We are thankful James' adoption was completed. Now we are working on his immigration papers for the USA and hope to come to the USA the summer of 2015.
This raises many transitional issues for us. The Philippines has been our home for almost 9 years. We love the people and this beautiful country, yet we feel a pull to return to our passport country. Our children need to acclimate to the USA culture for college and beyond; we miss our family and friends.

Quick updates on us -

Mikayla has been busy tutoring Koreans in English and helping teach 8th grade Bible class at Faith and helping with the first grade reading groups. She begins online university in January majoring in elementary education.

Kirsten is a junior and doing very well academically. She really enjoys academics, logic puzzles and listening to music.

Ben is a 7th grader and has gotten quite tall this year! He enjoys computer games and is learning some computer programming.

James is in 1st grade and doing well. He enjoys playing minecraft and cooking.

Kurt stays busy with software development. He's been working on a system for a large maternity center here in Davao. It is being well received and may be used in other medium to large maternity clinics here in the Philippines.

I've been homeschooling James and have taught Creative Writing and Music Appreciation exploratories at Faith Middle School.

We thank God for the gift of His Son, Jesus, who's birth we celebrate this Christmas season.

Blessings on your holidays!