1st Day of School 2010-11

Faith Academy is holding it's first day of classes today.

When I asked Mikayla, Kirsten, and Ben for a group photo before school, Kirsten quipped "is this a yearly tradition we HAVE to do?"
Her Daddy said, "No, this year we will do a group photo
DAILY!!!" (joke lang!)

Mikayla - looking forward to seeing friends but not the
stress and trials of 10th grade homework.

Ben, nervous about starting third grade but looking forward
to seeing his friends again.

Kirsten, anxious to get back to school for friends, 'something
to do', science and art class.

Pray for our kids to have a good school year academically, to grow in their Christian faith, and to always seek first HIM.

They were all looking forward to getting back with friends.

Lindsey, Rebekah, Mikayla
Mikayla's friend, Rebekah, had been gone for a year furlough. They are glad to be back together again!

Kirsten hadn't seen her good friend, Seo Yeon, all summer.

Ben hadn't seen his best buddy, Fernando, all summer
and is so glad the teacher has them sitting next to each other!

Kirsten with Mr. Saint. He's a favourite teacher of all the
middle schoolers!

Ben's classroom.

Ben working hard already!